In a Surgical sterilization unit, the first is to clean and sterilize surgical instruments, disposable surgical trays are then filled with sterile water to sterilize a wide range of instruments, consumables, and bags. All surgical trays must be made of high-quality materials, metal does not cause problems in sterilization but some reusable trays are made of plastic or another material and this is not a reliable choice because of the risk of cross-contamination. When medical instruments or surgical tools need to be sterilized or disinfected, most physicians, nurses, and physician assistants will either use sterilizing trays or disposables. Disposable trays are preferred by the majority of providers because they allow for more flexibility in their daily practice. Sterile trays are much more cost-effective than disposables, and when used correctly, they reduce infection and patient harm and increase the effectiveness of medical practice. They are reusable and are the foundation of sterile instrument maintenance, and ensure that patients receive the very best standard of care.

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