A surgical mallet is a tool used in the medical field for breaking open bones. It's mainly used to help doctors see what's going on inside a person's body. The two most common types of mallets are the Pederson and the Freer type. A Pederson mallet has a wide head which is flat on one side and round on the other. A Freer mallet is a thinner, more narrow head that is made from metal or wood. You can choose from many different sizes, weights, and shapes of these tools too, depending on your needs. When choosing a surgical mallet, you'll need to consider the type of hammer size, weight, and material. The hammer should feel right in your hand, and it should be made out of durable material. Surgical mallets are one of the most important tools a doctor can use. They're used to break bones, remove tumors, and do other medical procedures.it's important to understand how a mallet is used. The main tool of the surgeon's trade, the mallet is a long-handled hammer with a round head and flat face. The surgeon would use the mallet to break through bones and remove tumors. Most often, physicians will purchase a mallet with the head fixed on one end and the handle on the other. However, surgeons can also choose to buy a mallet with both ends fixed together. In this case, it's important to ensure that you measure your arm length before purchasing a surgical mallet. Finally, most surgeons will opt for an adjustable mallet which allows for different size heads so that it can be used for all types of procedures. There are a lot of different types of surgical mallets available on the market. Although they look similar, there are some differences that make each one better for certain procedures than others.

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