Hair extensions are essentially hair that's been created in a lab or fashion house in an effort to create an even, uniform length and, thus, a fuller, more voluminous style. They're created by first taking strands of hair and cutting the ends—let's face it, it's faster and easier than sitting in a salon chair for at least a few hours. Then, they're processed with chemicals to shape the length and texture before being sewn into the desired form. There's a vast array of hair extensions out there, but there are a few styles and techniques most people look for. Layered extensions: Individual strands of hair that are woven together, with the central strand the longest. Hair extensions are there to add volume and thickness to your hair so that you can create the look you want. Whether that's braids, ringlets, or long extensions, you can achieve the look you're after with hair extensions. The more natural the hair, the better. Natural hair doesn't need any help and any extensions will look artificial. So, you'll want to opt for extensions that are synthetic, made from synthetic ingredients such as polyester or human hair.

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