Spatulas are used in the process of surgical cleaning and sterilization. They are used in the sterilization of equipment, instruments, or other reusable medical supplies. They are used to clean and sanitize surgical instruments, their surfaces, and lancets, and to clean wounds. The best surgical spatulas are those that are both high quality and are easy to use. They should be strong and flexible to allow easy movement of the instrument. A surgical spatula should also be sturdy enough to absorb any accidental drops and to make the task easier for the nurses and medical personnel. Also used for pouring liquid, whether it's water, milk, oil, or chemicals. It is used to stir food while it is being cooked. It is used to lift and stir, as well as for scooping and adding ingredients to the frying pan. It is also used to close or open packets of cookies or crackers. Spatulas are also used to prepare food for others like how you would do if you were serving dinner. It is a common kitchen utensil used by both men and women in almost all cultures. The purpose of using a spatula is very basic as it is useful and easy to use. A spatula helps in the process of preparing many different dishes by helping in stirring the food and in the process of mixing the ingredients. These use one or both hands depending on the use.

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