A mirror handle consists of a curved fixture placed within a slitless box or vessel to permit magnification of the patient's treatment in different areas of the mouth, providing additional confidence for the professional dental practitioner as well as the patient for its superior performance in the field of vision, accuracy, and secure handling. Its main purpose is to help to make better dental treatment and better and clearer presentation of the teeth to be treated and for monitoring the treatment status. A mirror handle can be supplied with an elongated stainless steel post for attaching the brackets that contain the working parts.Mirror cabinets are there for a while but they have one problem; most of them are quite thick and difficult to bend. This is not ideal when you are operating on a patient. But now there's a great idea on the market; a mirror handle for a surgical mirror.You can do an operation by glancing into the mirror with a mirror handle. A curved mirror handle can aid in positioning the instrument and thus increase accuracy of the surgery. A curved mirror handle can also be used to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

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