These forceps are used for implant placement, surface preparation, and gum recession. They are not for grinding out the implant. The larger sizes have a larger arm for manipulating the placement of the implant, while the smaller sizes have a shorter arm and are used to be positioned to locate the implant for surface preparation. Typically, a doctor or dentist will not tell you to get one of these instruments unless you need it. These instruments have various uses for the procedure you're getting done. The following is just a list of some of them. Anterior teeth extraction. To remove an anterior tooth or a crowned tooth. To remove an anterior tooth or a crowned tooth. If your implants are falling out, you will most likely need to have new forceps made. These custom forceps will have a little bit longer shaft for placing the implants and a more robust platform for the rest of the extraction. Also, it is very important that when you have an implant placed, you have surgical anterior forceps in place to facilitate the insertion and removal of the implant when it's time for removal. There are no surgical anterior forceps specific to filling gaps in the teeth, where there is no crown.

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