Animals are a universal subject that is commonly known to humans, domesticated or not. Humans also believe that their rights are protected by law. However, animals are nothing but mere creatures and there are legal precedents for violating animal rights in most countries across the globe. When someone takes another person’s pet without the owner’s consent or abuses the animal, that is an action that can fall under the category of animal cruelty. If someone injects a pet with drugs without the owner’s consent, or places a cat with a broken leg and spreads infections to the bone, that would be a crime that is punishable by law. Surgical instruments can easily dislodge during a procedure. You must make sure all surgical instruments and material are securely attached to the sterile work area, or you can risk damage to the instruments and possible entanglement of the anesthesia machine, which can lead to severe complications, including paralysis of the animal or death. Do not use disposable surgical needles on your surgical animals. Disposable needles are intended for contact with a human, not a patient or a surgical animal.

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